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2013 Ohiopyle Buckwheat and Pancake Festival
October 11 and 12 from 10am – 8pm

Help raise money for the Ohiopyle-Stewart Volunteer Fire Department and enjoy all you can eat
Cost: $8.50 for adults and children ages 3-12 $4.50
Menu: buckwheat cakes, pancakes, sausage, fried potatoes, bread and butter pickles, apple sauce, and coffee or milk.

Food is served at the Firehouse and the Community Center in Ohiopyle, PA

Many of my relatives will be helping make and serve the food. Hope to see you there.
More information can be found here:

Address: 17 Sherman Street, Ohiopyle, PA 15470
Phone: 724-329-4891


You can embed Google+ posts into WordPress now. Cool. I have been using G+ a lot more than Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress recently so this will be fun to try.

Good morning. It is that time again… time to upgrade all of your WordPress sites to the latest version 3.6. This release has some cool new things in it that you can read about here:

Make sure to save a backup of your current site before upgrading in case there are some compatibility issues with your theme or plugins. It is also a good time to update your theme and plugins if there are updates available.

If you have a question feel free to contact me.