Yesterday I finally got a chance to wash and wax the car. I got home around 5pm and started to get everything out and ready. I filled up the bucket with hot, soapy water and went outside to rinse off the car. When I came back inside to get the bucket, half the water was gone. It was leaking out the bottom where there was a crack. Luckily I left the bucket in the sink so all the water was contained. I had to empty the bucket and use super glue/electrical tape to fix it up. Once completed I started washing.

After I finished washing the car twice, I let it air dry for a bit. With just a little water left on the car I got out the towels and finished drying it. Now on to the waxing. (At this point it is starting to get dark.) I broke out the wax and got down to business applying wax as fast as I could. Once the car had a nice layer of wax I took a break. My arms needed it.

So now it is dark and I am removing the wax and revealing the shine (I can’t really see the shine but I know in the morning it will be there). After doing the best job I could, it was time to load up my equipment and go play some guitar. When I woke up this morning my arms were killing me because of all the wax on / wax off karate kid crap. The xB did look nice though. I also removed the xB hubcaps to reveal the black generic rims underneath. As soon as I get a picture I will post it.