Today at noon I left Beaver Falls and headed south to Raleigh, North Carolina to kick off my vacation. I have this week off and will be hanging out in Raleigh for a few days and then I am going to meet up with some friends at Myrtle Beach for the rest of the week.

The drive today was approx. 550 miles and took 9 hours. 550/9=61.111111111111 and so on. That means I averaged over 60 miles an hour. Not bad for the 108hp xB. I used about 1.5 tanks of gas and averaged over 30 miles per gallon. 550/30=18 gallons of gas at 2.35/gallon=$43.08. (all calculations were done within a 3% margin of error)

Three important things happened on this first leg of the trip…
1. I saw an 18-wheeler slam on the breaks and lock the tires hard enough for them to smoke.
2. BuddyLee is on tour now and I passed his tour bus.
3. I almost ran out of gas and the closest gas station was in this small town in West Virginia. The gas pumps must have been from the 80’s because they weren’t digital, each pump offered only one type of fuel (87,89, or 92 octane), and didn’t accept any plastic (credit cards) at the pump.

More to come as long as I can find free Wifi!