Early this morning I received a really bizarre voice mail. I was actually awake when my phone rang but I didn’t recognize the number so I sent it to voice mail. When I got the notification from Google Voice I listened confused why anyone would call me at that hour. It was a wrong number but very interesting voice mail.

Here is Google’s transcript.

Yes this is time. Guardian Jeremy, I had surgery and Friday, and I’m having problems with. I had surgery. It’s 4:20. And morning Friday. This Friday morning. Right now, thing is opened up. It’s all training out stuff is coming out of it nasty looking, could you give me a call. Thanks.

Here is what was actually said.

Yes this is Tom Garty, Jeremy. Ummm. I had surgery on Friday and I am having problems with where I had surgery. It’s twenty after four in the morning. It’s Friday morning right now. The thing has opened up. It’s all draining out. Stuff is coming out of it and it’s real nasty looking. Uhhh. Can you give me a call? Thanks.

Listen yourself…

I did call Tom back today and left him a message. Mine wasn’t nearly as interesting though. I just said I got your message but I think you have the wrong number. I also told him I hope he is okay!