HDR House / Caminhos de Pedra by Omar Junior, on Flickr

As a homeowner should I be able to claim my address/residence on google maps just like business can?  I think it would be great if I could.  I could post some highlights or history about my house and even link out to a website about my house.  When it comes time to sell my place it would instantly turn into a marketing tool to help sell the house with an extensive photo gallery, recent improvements list, maybe some videos, and list of area stores and shops. Would this help improve my credibility as a homeowner and help bring the asking price of the home? It just might.

Which leads me to another thought… It wasn’t that long ago when individuals didn’t think blogs would catch on. Why would a person need their own website? Now our pets have twitter accounts and it won’t be long before our houses have their own space on the Internet as well. More thoughts on this coming soon.