View of the Old Courthouse from Kiener by Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, NPS, on Flickr

Whenever I am looking for a product or service and the business does not have a website I often wonder why. I assume that many people start by searching the Internet instead of the newspaper or yellow pages these days and not having a website definitely turns me away.

For example today I am looking for someone to help my wife and I create our wills. I started by searching google maps for an attorney close to our home. There were many results but very few had websites. Of those that did have websites I found myself choosing the attorney that had the best website. Is this wrong? At first I thought it was but if you think about the website as a marketing tool then NO. The person who spent some time and money designing the best website, writing the best copy, listing prices, and answering most of my questions deserves to be rewarded. In fact I am going to call them right now. If you have thoughts please post them below. If you know a good attorney near Beaver Falls then contact me. Personal referrals are the best but after that I guess I am going by website.