The P.B.X. Call - Fall 1952

Most of my family worked for the airlines but I guess I forgot that my grandmother and I were both involved in telecommunications.  My parents gave me this copy of the 1952 fall edition of the P.B.X. Call that my grandmother is in.  I couldn’t resist scanning and posting this little gem.  The PBX Call was published quarterly by The Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania and The Diamond State Telephone Company in the interest of Private Branch Exchange Service. Inside you will find some interesting facts about the Greater Pittsburgh Airport, 2-5 numbering plan for Allentown Area, pictures of many switchboard attendants and even some of the guys in the wiring closet. Telephone service has come along way in the past 58 years but some things are still the same. Every so often I still make trips to the wiring closet, trace the copper pairs and punch them down on the block.

I searched around some but couldn’t find any other PBX Call editions online.  If you know of any please leave me a link in the comments.  I would love to read it.