Nimbin Business Hours

Recently a friend and I were looking for a place to eat and it was about 8:30pm. I know that many local restaurants stop serving food at 9pm so I decided to look up a few of their websites on my android phone. The place we really wanted to go had their hours posted right on the main page of their website which made the decision easy. They have posted “Open 7 days per week until 10:00 p.m.”, so we drove down the street and arrived around 8:50pm. Shortly after ordering our food we saw that the employees were starting to clean up tables and put the chairs up to mop the floor. The other two parties left shortly after 9pm and we got our food around 9:10pm.

As we were eating the employees finished putting all the chairs up on tables… except for the chairs we were using and the mop came out. The floor was mopped and the lights were dimmed as we ate. At this point I realized that something was up and they didn’t really close at 10pm as their website clearly stated. I felt rushed and finished most of my food. I quickly took my check up and paid. I apologized and said I thought they closed later but was told they close at 9pm. I am not one to keep people late at their jobs and could feel the tension in the air. We hurried up and left. I checked the door on the way out and the hours were posted and the sign said 9pm.

Frustrated because my dinner was rushed I went back and checked the website. Sure enough, “Open 7 days per week until 10:00 p.m.”. Next I noticed that the copyright on the website was from 2004. I came to the conclusion that they haven’t thought about how having incorrect hours posted on their website affects customers and employees. What a shame.