How many times have you heard this phrase?

Sorry, I am just too busy.

Everyone is busy. People have a lot going on.

I understand that. I am busy. Aren’t we all busy? We each have 24 hours a day to get stuff done and make an impact. So isn’t everyone busy equally for 24 hours every day? Whether we are sleeping, eating, reading, writing, sitting, or watching we are using time as we choose. I keep hearing everyone say they are busy including myself and I think it’s more about our priorities.

I went to the movies recently and saw In Time. It was a pretty interesting sci-fi movie about how in the future the currency is time. Each person after they turn 25 has one year to live and you work for and buy things with time. These transaction lengthen or shorten your time and therefore your life. When your clock hits zero you die. It makes you think hard about how you manage your time.

I have been trying to really fine tune my priorities and balance my schedule over the past few months. I am setting goals and trying to do the little things every day over a long period of time. I want to try and prioritize my time so that I am busy with the best things and not busy with the good things.

You have to start saying no to good things so you’ll be able to say yes to the best things.

– Craig Groeschel in Weird