Over the last three years I have focused a great deal of effort on learning about money. I cleaned up all my debt except for my house (which I refinanced to a 15 year fixed) and started giving, saving and investing. This has been a monumental shift for me and will hopefully return great dividends in the future. I read a few books on the subject but Dave Ramsey spiked my interest initially.

This year I want to do the same except with nutrition. Since freshman year of college I have been gaining weight (sometimes on purpose but most of the time not). To compensate for this weight gain I was running on and off. I would gain some weight over months or years and then run everyday until I was back down to a “normal” weight. Over the course of one year (2006 I think) I lost 45 lbs running 12-15 miles a week and eating differently. I always thought that I would just eat whatever and run when I needed to lose some pounds.

This past summer/fall I was running again and really got tired of it. I replaced my running time (6am – 7am) with reading and don’t want to give up my morning reading time. I started thinking about what if I was just more careful with what I ate. Would I be able to eat healthier and not feel like I had to run every morning? Could I exercise less and enjoy it more? Could I enjoy less sugar and more whole foods?

I don’t know the answer but I am asking the questions. I have changed my diet around in January to include a lot more fruits and vegetables than before. Over the 2.5 months I have lost more weight than I expected and I am anxious to see what happens after twelve months. If you know of a great book on nutrition please let me know.