So you probably have heard that the NHL season is in jeopardy because an agreement hasn’t been reached between the NHL and NHLPA. The link below is a good read about the lockout and the labor terms.

2012 NHL Lockout CBA Lockout Strike Boycott NHLPA

The only positive thing about the lockout is I will probably cancel my cable TV service and save some money until the season resumes. The only thing I regularly watch on TV is hockey games. I use Netflix and Hulu when I want to watch a tv show or a movie.

I agree. I hope the KHL has live streaming since some of the players from the NHL signed deals to play in the KHL. Maybe the NHL will steal the idea as well. I dream of the day I can watch the Penguins via a streaming service. All games. No blackouts. I would pay plenty of money for that service because I could permanently do away with cable TV.