It has been forever since I have made it a priority to post something. So the time has come to at least summarize a few things so you know what has been going on. How about I make a list?

1. Stiefel summer hockey league ended and we made it through one round of the playoffs. I had a really good time playing again and got some exercise. I signed up to play in the fall league which starts tonight. I am playing with “Old School” which is mostly guys 30 years old and up with a couple younger guys.

2. Finished up a few websites over the last few months for some great organizations.
BCCI Athletic Supporters
Beaver Valley Community Concert Association
Cornerstone Landscape

3. I have been spending more time on Google+, less time on Twitter and some time on Facebook. Add me on Google+.

4. The Senior Network Analyst at work took another job recently and so now I am responsible for all kinds of new stuff. I am super busy at work but it has been challenging and fun.

5. I am running Liquid Smooth Jelly Bean on my Galaxy Nexus. So glad I got a Nexus!

6. Make sure to keep your WordPress install up to date so that your website is secure. If you need help upgrading let me know.

7. I have been volunteering over at Air Heritage and if you like like warbirds you need to stop by and check out the museum.

8. I am reading the China Study right now.

What do you think about: Kindle Fire HD? Gangnam Style? Battlefield3?

Time to get ready to go play some hockey with the boys. 10pm tonight!