It is hard to believe I bought the xB 8 years ago.  It seems like only a year ago when it turned four.  I am so glad that the car is still running good and it looks like I will be able to keep it many more years.  After the first four years I put 60K miles on it and after eight years I am still under 100K.  I guess I just don’t drive that much anymore which is a good thing with the gas prices at almost four bucks a gallon.

Today the xB got a full tank of gas and I headed to Coraopolis to play some music with friends.  I don’t make it to that area very often but it always brings back good memories.  Looking forward to heading back soon.

The picture above was taken at the Drake Well Museum on a recent visit.  It is a cool place to check out and hopefully I will be able to post some pictures from my trip soon.