Last year I posted a few of my goals for 2012 and I wanted to post a review of how I did.

So here we go…

Read through the entire Bible in one year – Completed!
This is the first time I have tried this and actually enjoyed it. There are some great stories and some boring parts (Am I allowed to say that?). If you haven’t tried this yet check out They have some reading plans that make it easy to track your progress and have apps for phones and tablets. Unfortunately I don’t remember everything so I might have to read it again this year.

Read 24 non-fiction books on varying topics – Partial
I was able to complete 23 books. I never thought I would be able to get close on this one since my 2011 goal was 12 books.

Create one Android application – Fail!
I didn’t even attempt this one. Just wasn’t a priority. This is something I still would like to do but I am not sure it will happen any time soon.

Play guitar weekly – Partial
I gave myself partial credit on this only because I played one show with Mike Duncan this past year. I did play guitar some but it definitely wasn’t weekly. I love playing music but it is always hard for me to play by myself. It is so much better playing tunes with a group.

Rethink food and exercise – Completed!
This past year I did some reading about nutrition and really tried to balance out my diet more. In the past I ate pretty much whatever which forced me to run a lot. I like running but replaced my running time in the morning with reading. So this year I ate a lot more fruits and vegetables than I ever had before and less processed foods. This wasn’t an easy change but I really hope long term this will pay off. I also started playing roller hockey which was super fun to get back into the game that I grew up playing daily. I missed the excitement of the game and the camaraderie. This summer I will be playing again.