On July 1st Google is retiring Google Reader. Google Reader is an RSS reader that was launched on October 7th, 2005. I have been a long time user and enjoyed the simple interface for keeping up on news, tech, and various blogs.

So now what?

I used Google Takeout to export my Google Reader info and have moved everything over to Feedly after a brief trial of The Old Reader. I have been using Feedly for a couple months now and I like it. The interface is different but you can configure it to look like Google Reader. I ended up going with the “magazine view” for most categories though. Feedly has an Android app which works really well once you get the hang of the gestures. I also setup a new recipe on IFTTT so that my Feedly saved items are saved to Evernote.

For a thorough review of the Google Reader alternatives check out this article on GigaOm.